The FUSSELL "LICENSE TO STEEL" Putter is mostly inspired by the iconic original PING® Anser® putter designed and made famous by Karsten Solheim approximately 50 years ago. That “dale-head” design is now well in the public domain, and virtually every manufacturer and maker have one or more models patterned after it.

The FUSSELL "License to Steel" Putter integrates modern technolgy and aesthetics into that classic shape. These features include an impressive combination of industry firsts backed by multiple Patents. These include adjustable weighting options in the heel and toe and in the cavity directly behind the face, and the breakthrough Fussell Furrow Grooves.

Fussell met head on with Dave Billings to license his patented Interchangeable Modular Hosel technologies allowing the golfer to select and adjust the neck style, length, offset, lie angle and putter head balance, which are adjustable when using the Delta Mod Adjuster system, another industry first.

The most striking feature on this new Fussell offering is the blatant 1" X 2" cavity located back and center of the head. Fussell combines perfectly, the amalgamation of branding, customization and identity, in the form of a cnc milled miniature vanity plate, made to order upon request. It includes all 50 North American states. Fussell re-engineered the standard irregular shaped back cavity into standard Vehicle registration plates of the United States license plate dimensions of 6" X 12" and shrunk down to 1" X 2" metal canvas. This allows customers to choose their prefered U.S. State and alphanumeric characters.

The FUSSELL "License to Steel" Milled Putter raises the bar further with the finest carbon, stainless, Damascus, Mokume, Copper, Brass and Bronze materials.”

Pick your favorite combination of materials and order your Ultimate Custom FUSSELL Putter today!

*Ping and Anser are registered trademarks of Karsten Mfg. Corp.