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Each FUSSELL Ball Marker/Green Coin is CNC precision machined in our manufacturing facility in Texas, USA from a 1.25" diameter solid Titanium bar using the highest grade metals from the USA. Once machined and polished, each section is carefully quality checked by our quality personnel.


-  One ball marker with details on both sides. 

-  100% American Made

-  WIDTH: 1.235" (3.13 cm) diameter

-  HEIGHT: 0.2" (0.5 cm)

-  WEIGHT: 28.2g = 0.99 oz

-  Cut from solid bar of 90/6/4 Titanium.

-  Laser engraved (deep and surface)

-  Hand polished and torched for final finish 

-  Includes storage pouch and gift box



All Fussell EDGC (Every Day Golf Carry) products (including divot tools and ball markers) have individually gone through inspection to provide you only the finest quality. 100% secure checkout. Risk-free shopping


All FUSSELL EDGC items are fiber laser marked with a unique serial number and/or engraved with our logo, assuring only the highest quality.

 Also, you can select custom messages that we can laser engrave or stamp specifically for you or for your friend(s) and loved one(s). 


Collectible FUSSELL EDGC (Every Day Golf Carry) products are precision machined on American CNC machines from solid bars using the highest grade metals and alloys from the USA.


All FUSSELL EDGC items are made using the highest grade metals and alloys in the USA. A solid metal bar is machined into its beautiful shape and perfectly balanced body on our CNC machines in our facility in Texas. 


1. Polished Titanium - Silver tone
2. Flamed Titanium - Purple, Blue, gold color tones
3. Teal / Magenta Anodized Titanium
4. Personalized Polished Titanium - Silver tone
5. Bronze Anodized Titanium
6. Purple Anodized Titanium
7. Blue Anodized Titanium
8. Gold color tone Anodized Titanium

FLAMING is not a scientific process; it's done by hand and colors may slightly vary. Your order will be unique and will not look exactly like the one on the picture. Patterns and colors may slightly vary.