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All Putting Assessments and Putter Fittings take place in the new in-house fitting studio at Integrity Golf Performance, in Frisco, TX.

You could be the victim of an ill-fitting putter. If you are seeing the golf ball go slightly to the left or right when making a putt, it could be due to your putter not fitting correctly.

Having a putter that doesn’t fit you will cause your short game to suffer greatly.

On a straight, 10-foot putt, if your club face is off by one degree, you will hit the ball offline.

You may not think the ball will be offline by much, but a club face that is off by one degree can send a ball astray up to two inches.

That distance could be the difference between you sinking a putt and needing another stroke – or two – to finish the hole.

Many golfers don’t get properly fit for their putters.  It seems strange that putting is such an intricate part of golf – every hole finishes with putting unless you sink a chip or hole in one – yet golfers resist getting a putter fitting.

According to an article on GolfDigest.com, golfers use their putters 40.1 percent of the time they are on the golf course. With so much time with the club in your hands, why not get a proper putter fitting?

By getting a proper putter fitting, you can improve the consistency of your short game.

That is one of the main reasons to get a fitting. If you can become consistent in your putting, then your scores will improve and so will your confidence.

When buying a putter.

Many golfers buy a putter based on the way it feels in their hands in the store.

How many times have you gone to your local golf store or club shop and picked up a putter you liked the look of?

Now, how often have you gone to practice two or three putts with it and then bought the club?

If you answered never, that is great; but there are plenty of other golfers who would have said yes.

By purchasing a putter in this way, you have prevented yourself from getting the best possible club for your game.

Every golfer is different and so is every putter.

In addition to the different types of putters, you need to get one that fits your body style.

A putter that is too long will cause you to bend your arms too much or it will force you to stand back away from the ball.

This would prevent you from looking down over the ball. Getting the right fit is paramount to being successful on the green.

In some cases, golfers may believe the problem with their putting is solely due to a need for practice.

They may even believe their poor putting is due to bad mechanics.

Yet, the simple answer could be the need to get a proper putter fitting to solve their sort game woes.

Having a fitting session with a putting professional can help you find the problems with your putting.

It could be as simple as finding the right club for your body type and stroke.

The Ultimate in Custom Fitting.

Golfers who go for a putter fitting session – and that should be every golfer – can learn a lot about their putting. The sessions not only inform you on what type of putter is best for you physically, but you can find out what occurs in your mechanics.

A session includes an in depth analysis with a SAM PuttLab System.

These instruments can then process data that shows exactly what is right or wrong with your putting.

You may find that you are pulling the ball because your club face is slightly turned or it could be that your club speed is not consistent throughout the stroke.

A putter fitting session can reap great rewards for golfers.

Most importantly, it can fit you for the correct putter.

However, a fitting session can also give you information on your tendencies.

It is important to get a proper putter fitting just like you would any other club.

Due to the importance of your short game, don’t neglect getting the right fit for your most used club. 

In every Fussell Putters Fitting your putting stroke will be completely assessed analyzed and your putter built to stringent standards. In fact, you’ll receive the same process, technology and attention to detail as any tour player. 

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