Fussell Restoration Service

Our plating processes have been designed and developed based on feedback from touring professionals. By applying one of our custom finishes, The player will benefit from the exceptional feel and extra spin that is produced by our processes. As an added benefit you gain the true feel of the club. Our various finishes permit the player to add their own personal touch making their clubs unique and one of a kind

Customization includes the following:

  • Finishes – we offer many finishes in a variety of colors. (Finishes are determined by the type of metal the club is (i.e. carbon steel, stainless steel.).
  • Stampings – choose between 4 different size stampings. The locations will very dependent on size of stamped picked.
  • Paint fill – we use high quality paint from Pantone Colors.
  • Phosphorization – most logos, names, etc… can be applied to the clubs.